Men attract women – Ways Men Attract Women through Personal

Men attract women – Ways Men Attract Women through Personal Hygiene

There are always some men who seem to find themselves easily attracted to women, even if they don’t realize it.  By looking at how men attract women simply by maintaining good grooming habits, you can learn a few helpful tips to attract beautiful women and become popular with the ladies.

You don’t have to be good looking to grab yourself a hot girlfriend or attract beautiful women.  How many times have you wondered what a girl sees in her boyfriend? Following a few tips can help men attract women through their daily grooming routine.

  • Take care of your smile.  This is perhaps more important if you are a smoker.  We all know smoking can stain teeth terribly. Visit your dentist every six months for a professional polish, and smile with pride.  Keep your breath fresh with mouthwashes, and use gum during the day to avoid offensive breath!
  • Trim those nails. Long fingernails and toenails on a guy is a big no no.  Get into the habit of cutting your nails regularly, and remember to scrub those hands clean.  Dirt under the fingernails can be a complete turn off.
  • Smell good.  To attract women men need to smell appealing.  There is something very erotic that can drive women wild, simply through smell.  Keep yourself fresh and hygienic, and use musky scents to tantalize her nose.
  • Look after your clothes.  Keep them washed and it doesn’t hurt to run an iron over them either.  And don’t get your mum to do it!  This will show her you are capable of looking after yourself, and that she won’t be expected to become your washer woman.
  • Look after your body. Everyone knows the body is your temple.  In order to function well you need to take notice of what you are putting in it.  Too much junk food is not only bad for you, it will make your skin, eyes and hair dull.  Make an effort to eat fruit and vegetables every day, to at least balance out all those pies and pints.
  • Get some exercise.  Again this is great for your health; it boosts your immune system, keeping you healthy and strong. Both very important ways men attract women.

These grooming tips may seem like common sense, but they are important factors in how men attract women.  They don’t require much effort and will make you feel good, and if you feel good so will the women around you.

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