Attract Hot Guys-Ways to attract the right guy

Finding yourself back in the world of singles can be quite daunting, especially if you have come out of a long term relationship.  But once you have let the dust settle and find you are looking for a new man it is time to get back out to bars and clubs with your mate and attract hot guys and find yourself a new Mr. Right.

It can be scary but it is also a lot of fun.  Finding the flirt in you can be very refreshing and give you a whole new lease of life.  Have some fun and follow these fantastic little tips on ways to attract the right guy.  They are simple, fun and will get you the results you are after.

  • Choose your friends carefully.  Large groups of loud women can be very threatening and off putting when you are trying to attract hot guys.  Take out a close couple of friends who are outgoing and can keep themselves amused when you get chatting to men.
  • Show a bit of flesh.  Men love to see some soft bare skin, but there is no need to throw on a tiny mini skirt and ultra-low cut top.  Keep some style and class and remember it is either one or the other.  You may be surprised to hear men love to see naked shoulders, so wear an off the shoulder top rather than exposing your cleavage for all to see.
  • Get the look.  You can attract hot guys from right across the room simply by using your smile and your eyes.  Smiling works better than the pouty sultry look.  A smile is recognized as friendly and is appealing.  Keep eye contact with anyone who you are attracted to.  A little raise of the eyebrows can encourage a man to approach you as it is a sign of recognition.
  • Positive conversation works best.  Once you have managed to attract a guy it now comes down to conversation.  Keep the smile theory, and remember to be friendly. This is not the time to bitch and moan about your life.  Ask easy to answer questions on favorite bands, drinks, places that kind of thing. Remember you are both on a night out; it is time for fun and to relax.

Remember to have fun while you attract hot guys, you might not be on the single scene for long, so make the most of it !

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