How to Sexually Attract Women

When a man wants to sexually attract women, he has to be natural about it. This is because picking up women still takes a lot of courage on the man. And it is quite tricky as it might end up as being mistaken for being sleazy or desperate.

It doesn’t have to always boils down to using pick-up lines. You can always try some alternatives to catch the woman’s attention by the use of gestures.

Gestures can also be used to sexually attract women. Gesturing can be used to relay a message. Particularly if you want her to notice you, you can always use some sexy gestures, especially stare techniques.

You can apply the stare technique while talking to her. Just stare at her eyes and lock gazes with her for a few seconds. After that, turn your gaze away to look at other people in your group.

When lock your eyes with her, this will actually raise her interest in you. My girlfriends admit that women tend to be attracted to men who make eye contact when they are in conversation. This shows that the man is very attentive, focus and interested in her.

Gestures should be used appropriately to get her to notice you and definitely too much of it will put the woman off. So remember not to get too up close and personal, or too touchy in the wrong places such as her waist or lap. Don’t let her have a chance to mistake your approach as being acting dirty.

You have to be cautious and subtle when using gestures. For example, you can brush your hand on hers as you offer her a drink. This will subconsciously send out a message that you are interested in her. If she responds, it means that she is interested too.

Your gestures don’t need to be sexy every time. Just be playful such as twiddling her fingers, or tickling her. You need to portray an image that you can be fun to be with and you are not always so serious and boring.

If you are in nightclubs, it will be perfect for getting in close with her as the music is too loud. Thus, you can close in on that opportunity and lean in close to her to talk near her ear. You might also consider wearing a seductive fragrance. One that is great for adding to your charm is wearing pheromones colognes.

Pheromones colognes will have an entirely different charming effect on her. This is because pheromones are given off by us to attract the opposite sex. By wearing it, you are boosting your charm by subconsciously appearing to her that you are a potential mate to her.

Research have even shown that by wearing pheromones colognes, a man can greatly increase his attraction charms by at least 74% to sexually attract women in any kind of situation.

So when you use gestures as well as pheromones colognes, you will have a greater chance to sexually attract women as compared to men who just used their gestures. Therefore, you are having an unfair advantage over rest of the men.

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