5 Great Ways Guys Can Attract Girls

If you want to attract girls with pheromones, then I have 5 great ways guys can attract girls with. These 5 ways will help pave the foundation for you to build on more polished techniques.

1. The approach in which a woman find you

Women choose their men they sleep with based on a subconscious level that he has met her criteria. This brain patterns can also be due to the pheromones given off by the man.

Women are evolved to seek out men who can bear them healthy children, and more importantly protect the child and her from any dangers.

This means that strong, confident man are very attractive to women as they can sense an aura of power and competence coming out from these men. Contrary to popular beliefs, nice guys who let women walk all over them are not entirely attractive to women. This can be said to be the same as with needy men.

What does this mean to you? You need to be in control of your life in order to be attractive to women. You need to project an image that you will still be in control no matter what happens. In a sense, you need to become an alpha male.

2. Attract Women with Your Social Proof

Social proof, what is it and how can it helps you? You want to be deemed as fashionable when women flirt with you, date, sleep with you. So with more women doing the same thing to you, it will become almost like a trend for the rest of the women to follow suit.

And all it takes is to just start talking with more women. You can always start with your workplace.

3. Be funny

A funny guy will attract lots of girls and they will love him for that as he is able to entertain them and make them laugh. Almost all my girlfriends agree on that. The trick is don't become too cheesy when you are trying too hard to be funny. Be natural.

4. Always Groomed Yourself

Nobody likes to be around a dirty, messy and untidy person, especially girls. Being that just shows that you are not taking care of yourself. And girls love guys who take time to groom themselves because it just shows that they are taking good care of themselves. Don't let the girl catch you off guard without being groomed properly.

5. Wearing Pheromones Colognes

Pheromones are in fact chemicals that we released in our body naturally to attract mates. Therefore, wearing pheromones colognes will increase the concentration of pheromones on you thus making you stand out among the crowd of men as the most suitable mate. This in turn raises your chances of attracting women in any kind of situation – both social and working.

Personally, by wearing pheromones colognes I have had great success in attracting women. Sometimes, even if I am standing quietly at the bar or just on the edge of the dance floor, many women have approached me for my number, if I wanted a drink, or even if I wanted to get laid that night.

In all, with all these tips on ways guys can attract girls. You can definitely succeed and improve your love life instantly by using pheromones colognes. Try it. Don't worry, it’s a painless process. You part with a few bucks and dab a few drops of it on your neckline and wrist and voila, you're instantly transformed into a women magnet.

If you would like get a bottle of pheromones cologne to improve your attraction charms, I highly suggest you get a bottle of the recommended pheromones cologne that I used to get laid now always!

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