10 Aphrodisiacs That Work Effectively

Since the history started of humans been having sex, we have been trying to get into the sexual mood or our partners into the sensual mood. So it is normal to see that we have developed our own concept of ten aphrodisiacs that work really well.

Herbal Supplements

It is to our knowledge that Gingko Biloba is being researched as the remedy for erectile dysfunction. Plus there are other drugs such as Yohimbine, or Niacin that can assist in the genitals functions. However, many of these aphrodisiacs that work have to been taken over time.

Getting Tipsy

One-night standers can prove that this works. But in reality, getting tipsy will provoke your desire but it actually decreased your sexual performance. So it is up to you whether this aphrodisiacs that work.


Though oysters aren't a proven aphrodisiac that work, but it still has to yield to many millions who swear by it. Therefore, you will have to lighten up the sensual mood yourself.

Baring Skin

There is a reason why guys look at hot bare bodied women and also women who love to see hunky guys who are at least half-naked and playing sports. It is the show of bare skin that excites people and turns them on as one of the aphrodisiacs that work.

Listening to Barry White

It is absolutely wonderful to hear and listen to Barry White Tunes which is dubbed as the most one-track baritone in history. You can try: "It's Ecstasy When You Lay Down Next to Me", "I'm Qualified to Satisfy You" and "Your Love--So Good I Can Taste It". This can be equalized to being one of the most sensual aphrodisiacs that work.

Making Promises

Making promises as one of the aphrodisiacs that work have been said to turn people on as it appeals to their wishes and their five senses. Sayings like, “Sure, baby, I’ll fly you to Paris to shop by first class seats, all accommodations included.”

Manolo Blahniks

These are not certainly made for walking. It’s sexy for her and seductive for him. But at those exotic prices, you can just get a basic black leather suite at the Ritz.

Giving Backrubs is considered as being erotic yet chaste at the same time. This is because backrubs have already proven as an aphrodisiacs that work as it is a prelude to more intimate actions. It’s a simple concept. It is assumed that if someone let you give them backrubs, they may also let you access other parts of the body.


This is absolutely one of the aphrodisiacs that work well as many women have sworn by the effects of it. Chocolates actually give you feelings of exhilaration, elation and euphoria.


Fragrances being another one of the aphrodisiacs that works really well. Just think of Chanel No. 5 and I think you will get the picture. They can successfully stimulates the pheromones and arouse you. Plus, if you use pheromones colognes or pheromones perfume, it will be even better as the senses are being stimulated even more and your partner will be all over you.

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